OCB Annual Summer Science Workshop

The OCB Project Office advertises, supports, and coordinates the annual OCB summer science workshop.  The dates, theme(s), and thematic session chairs are chosen by the OCB-SSC. In addition to plenary sessions on timely state-of-the-art science, the OCB summer workshop provides a forum for community discussion of new research directions and opportunities. The Project Office publishes a meeting report in Eos after the workshop and speakers’ talks and breakout session notes are posted on the workshop website as soon as possible during or after the meeting. Due to the increasing popularity of the summer workshop, the Project Office has also started to utilize web-broadcasting technology to encourage external input and dissemination of workshop ideas to non-participants.

Upcoming Summer Workshop

2016 OCB Summer Workshop: July 25-28, 2016 (Woods Hole, MA)

Previous Summer Workshops

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