OCB Scoping Workshops

In addition to its broader multi-disciplinary annual summer science workshop, the OCB Project Office provides limited support for focused scoping workshops that target specific OCB research priorities, providing a public venue for members of the research community to discuss research challenges and implementation approaches. For more information, please consult the guidelines for planning OCB scoping workshops.

New OCB Activity Solicitation for activities starting in 2017

OCB Scoping Workshops

Biogeochemical cycling of trace elements within the ocean: A synthesis workshop (August 2016, joint workshop with GEOTRACES)

Trait-based Approaches to Ocean Life (October 2015, report)

Improving predictive biogeochemical models through single cell-based analyses of marine plankton physiological plasticity, genetic diversity and evolutionary processes (May 2014)

A Biogeochemical Flux program aligned with the Ocean Observatories Initiative (May 2011, report)

The molecular biology of biogeochemistry: Using molecular methods to link ocean chemistry with biological activity (November 2010, report)

Sea change: Charting the course for ecological and biogeochemical ocean time-series research (September 2010, report)

New Frontiers in Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (June 2009, report)

Observing Biogeochemical Cycles at Global Scales with Profiling Floats and Gliders (April 2009, report)

Terrestrial and Coastal Carbon Fluxes in the Gulf of Mexico (May 2008, report)

Ocean Acidification (October 2007, report)