This page is intended to be an informational resource for the OCB community about ongoing scientific activities related to the Gulf Oil Spill. If you know of other informational resources and/or scientific activities that might be helpful additions to this page, please contact the OCB Project Office.


Gulf News (meetings, funding opportunities, etc.)

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Awards $140 Million to Support Research

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative News Archive (including new research results)


NSF-funded (RAPID) Projects

View updated list of NSF-funded projects on the Gulf Oil Spill


Other Projects and Data Resources

Searchable database of ongoing research and monitoring activities (all funding sources)

GeoPlatform GIS mapping tool (NOAA, EPA, USCG, DOI)

NASA Satellite Imagery

Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity Mapping Application

NOAA Science Missions and Data

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Consortia

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative-funded projects



Marine Oil Snow Sedimentation and Flocculent Accumulation (MOSSFA) Working Group
Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant Programs
Consortium for Ocean Leadership
British Petroleum
IOOS Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Portal
Joint Analysis Group (JAG) Review of R/V Brooks McCall Data to Examine Subsurface Oil
100 Days — A Snapshot of NOAA's Response
Animation and timeline of Gulf of Mexico oil spill
NOAA's i-Gulf Gulf of Mexico Regional Collaboration Team
Deepwater Horizon Response & Restoration
Restore the Gulf
NOAA Office of Response and Restoration
Gulf of Mexico Alliance - Gulf States Information & Contacts for BP Oil Spill
NOAA Fact Sheet
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. National Institutes of Health - Crude Oil Spills and Health
Federal Science Report Details Fate of Oil From BP Spill
BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Budget
Much Oil Remains in Gulf, Researchers Estimate (NY Times)
Report Paints New Picture of Gulf Oil (Science)
The Online Clearinghouse for Education & Networking: Oil Interdisciplinary Learning (OCEAN-OIL)