OCB Travel Support

The OCB Project Office has limited funds to facilitate participation of US scientists in workshops and meetings that advance the programmatic mission of OCB. Given these very limited resources, we prioritize participation in workshops and meetings that will result in a tangible product or outcome to promote OCB scientific implementation and community building. We discourage individual requests of support to attend meetings merely for their own scientific interest and/or benefit. The OCB Project Office maintains a continually updated list of OCB-relevant national and international scientific meetings, and we encourage the OCB community to seek support directly from federal agencies via the proposal submission process for participation in these meetings.

The OCB SSC will review travel support requests three times a year: March, July, and November. The corresponding deadlines for receiving requests are March 1, July 1, and November 1, respectively. Please provide a 1-2 page description of the meeting, including its programmatic importance to OCB, detailing the amount of your request. OCB is a U.S. program, and therefore our priority is to support U.S.-based scientists. Travel support requests are typically <$5K, but under unusual circumstances, the OCB Project Office will consider individual requests up to $10K. Proposals should be sent directly to the OCB Project Office.

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Important note regarding air travel: If you are receiving travel support from the OCB office and wish to use our travel agent, please contact Mary Zawoysky to arrange this. If you wish to book your own flight and be reimbursed after your trip, it is very important that you use a U.S. flag carrier. Otherwise, we cannot reimburse your flight. OCB will cover the cost of an economy fare roundtrip flight to/from the workshop/activity that you are attending. Travelers will be expected to cover any additional costs beyond the cost of an economy fare roundtrip flight (upgrades to business/first class, multiple stops/destinations, etc.). Also see notes below about passenger receipt.

Fill out travel expense voucher (see sample form for guidelines on how to complete this form). W9 and W8 forms are no longer needed (as of August 2016). Please note that we cannot accept electronic forms. Please put them in the US Mail (see address below).

Domestic Per Diem Rates: Breakfast - $10, Lunch - $17, Dinner - $30; no receipts are needed for meals. For foreign per diem rates, please check with our office or visit State Department website.

If you will be driving to an OCB-sponsored meeting, any trip over 250 miles one way is covered at a maximum level of the least expensive economy airfare. If driving, we recommend that you check with us prior to the meeting to get an estimate of reimbursable mileage.

Please attach all original receipts of $75 and over for any other expenses such as car rental, taxi fare, etc. We don’t require receipts for items under $75 such as tips for hotel cleaning staff, skycaps, etc. The air passenger receipt is very important along with baggage receipts, even if less than $75 (the one exception to the previous rule), or anything related to airfare. Without the air passenger receipt, our travel reimbursement dept. will not pay for anything on the expense voucher. If you have an electronic ticket, we still need an air passenger receipt from travel agency or a receipt from the airline that shows how you paid for the ticket. We do not need boarding passes. For non-WHOI employees, please put your social security number in the box where it says Employee #. Completed Travel Expense Vouchers and receipts must be submitted within 60 days of the traveler's return from each trip. If not, the reimbursement will become taxable income under the IRS Accountable Plan rules (Publication 463 Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses). If you have questions, contact Mary Zawoysky at 508-289-2310 or by email.

Mail travel expense voucher with original receipts to:

Mary Zawoysky

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MS 51

266 Woods Hole Rd.

Woods Hole, MA 02543