OCB Project Office

Scott Doney, Executive Scientist

Heather Benway, Executive Officer

Mary Zawoysky, Administrative Associate


The OCB Project Office facilitates activities initiated, organized and coordinated by the OCB Scientific Steering Committee. Broadly speaking, these roles fall in to four categories:

  1. Direct logistical support to the SSC for its meetings, production of reports and other SSC activities;
  2. Facilitate and promote communication of these SSC activities to the national and international scientific community and broader audiences, and serve as a clearing house for information related to U.S. and international ocean carbon cycle science programs;
  3. Organize community workshops, symposia, and,
  4. Education and outreach activities, including promotion of ocean carbon science to broader audiences, policy makers, and underrepresented students. The OCB Project Office also publishes the OCB Newsletter OCB News.